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Businessman v.s Entrepreneur ( 3 – 5 minutes to read)

The Businessman and Entrepreneur are shape as a concept of business owner, however there are things that make Businessman and Entrepreneur are different.

1.) The Businessman goal in market is to earn money however Entrepreneur is to serve.

Many Businessman around the world there goal is to create profit just like ordinary business owner, however Entrepreneur is to serve someone or everyone like Nas owner of Nas Daily he quit his job in United State to create a 1 minute video of himself or other to inspire anyone.

2.) The Businessman follow the lead, however Entrepreneur create a lead.

The Businessman always follow the Innovation that is being discover unlike Entrepreneur create Innovation on his own way.

3.) The Businessman follow the change in market however Entrepreneur create change in market.

The Businessman always follow the change in market but entrepreneur create a change in market every time, everyday, and anywhere like when android is being discovered by Andy Rubin that will transform your computer to phone in that way we create smart phone, everyone follow android his idea and his work.

4.) The Businessman solve Business problem unlike Entrepreneur solve everyone problem.

The Businessman just solve his Business  Problem how he will recover to his loss however Entrepreneur solve everyone problem like Nas again he solve problem conflict problem between different kind of culture or tradition and create a peace to everyone, he let us understand anything that we need.

5.) The Businessman always build a relationship with his/her stock holder however Entrepreneur always build a relationship with his/her customers.

Businessman most of the time always connect with his/her stock holder they always cherish his stock holder better than there customers, however entrepreneurs always create a relationship with his customers, and let them hear the voice of customers. They are willing to sacrifice profit than relationship.






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The Word of Confucius transform to Business Ethics

The word of Confucius is a word of right guidelines, the Righteousness, and a right way to rule in the state.

Learn more about Confucius: Confucius Chinese Philosopher, or Confucius (28 September 551 BC – 479 BC)

In this article, I will translate the word of Confucius into Ethics in workplace

I just need 3- 5 minutes of your precious time and my objectives it is for you to learn.

“No one abhors he, here, no one cold-shoulders him. He works hard day and night to preserve his repute for long”

If you do business today I cannot assure it will be successful today nor tomorrow it takes time and effort, sometimes you will fail but always stand in failure.

“Cut a piece of wood to make a halve you will find it’s size fit but when you squint into the halve you will find it’s size unfit”

The business leader such supervisor, manager, head manager, executives and top management must know and understand the difference between your employee subordinate strength and weaknesses, each of one is created with unique talents and skills.

“The wicked of father is not the wickedness of his son, the wicked of his son is not the wickedness of his father”

– This is not exact word of Confucius in his book, this is the meaning

The wicked of manager is not the wickedness of his/her subordinate If manager do something his/her subordinate is not responsible for case happening inside the company, The wicked of employee is not the wickedness of his/her manager if he/she do something wrong the manager is just to guide but still the manager is not responsible for his/her manager if his/her employee violate the company policy.

“The Righteousness can pond the great nation”

therefore if employee up to top executives is honest people who follow the company policy then it will lead to success in any business operations.

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The Business Philosophy of the president group

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“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.” -Confucius

Do Business and Ethics Go Hand in hand