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Businessman v.s Entrepreneur ( 3 – 5 minutes to read)

The Businessman and Entrepreneur are shape as a concept of business owner, however there are things that make Businessman and Entrepreneur are different.

1.) The Businessman goal in market is to earn money however Entrepreneur is to serve.

Many Businessman around the world there goal is to create profit just like ordinary business owner, however Entrepreneur is to serve someone or everyone like Nas owner of Nas Daily he quit his job in United State to create a 1 minute video of himself or other to inspire anyone.

2.) The Businessman follow the lead, however Entrepreneur create a lead.

The Businessman always follow the Innovation that is being discover unlike Entrepreneur create Innovation on his own way.

3.) The Businessman follow the change in market however Entrepreneur create change in market.

The Businessman always follow the change in market but entrepreneur create a change in market every time, everyday, and anywhere like when android is being discovered by Andy Rubin that will transform your computer to phone in that way we create smart phone, everyone follow android his idea and his work.

4.) The Businessman solve Business problem unlike Entrepreneur solve everyone problem.

The Businessman just solve his Business  Problem how he will recover to his loss however Entrepreneur solve everyone problem like Nas again he solve problem conflict problem between different kind of culture or tradition and create a peace to everyone, he let us understand anything that we need.

5.) The Businessman always build a relationship with his/her stock holder however Entrepreneur always build a relationship with his/her customers.

Businessman most of the time always connect with his/her stock holder they always cherish his stock holder better than there customers, however entrepreneurs always create a relationship with his customers, and let them hear the voice of customers. They are willing to sacrifice profit than relationship.






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The Word of Confucius transform to Business Ethics

The word of Confucius is a word of right guidelines, the Righteousness, and a right way to rule in the state.

Learn more about Confucius: Confucius Chinese Philosopher, or Confucius (28 September 551 BC – 479 BC)

In this article, I will translate the word of Confucius into Ethics in workplace

I just need 3- 5 minutes of your precious time and my objectives it is for you to learn.

“No one abhors he, here, no one cold-shoulders him. He works hard day and night to preserve his repute for long”

If you do business today I cannot assure it will be successful today nor tomorrow it takes time and effort, sometimes you will fail but always stand in failure.

“Cut a piece of wood to make a halve you will find it’s size fit but when you squint into the halve you will find it’s size unfit”

The business leader such supervisor, manager, head manager, executives and top management must know and understand the difference between your employee subordinate strength and weaknesses, each of one is created with unique talents and skills.

“The wicked of father is not the wickedness of his son, the wicked of his son is not the wickedness of his father”

– This is not exact word of Confucius in his book, this is the meaning

The wicked of manager is not the wickedness of his/her subordinate If manager do something his/her subordinate is not responsible for case happening inside the company, The wicked of employee is not the wickedness of his/her manager if he/she do something wrong the manager is just to guide but still the manager is not responsible for his/her manager if his/her employee violate the company policy.

“The Righteousness can pond the great nation”

therefore if employee up to top executives is honest people who follow the company policy then it will lead to success in any business operations.

Read more: Doctrine of mean, The 12 famous Confucius Quotes from The great learning

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The Business Philosophy of the president group

Philosophy for Business Student(Giorgio Bertine,2017), Philosophy for Business Student (Blog of the APA).

Confucius: Fish forget that they live in water(Ruskins,2017)

“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.” -Confucius

Do Business and Ethics Go Hand in hand

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8 Principles of Entrepreneurs

1. Be an Economist

As a business entrepreneur, you must be engaged in new business and technology that will establish your success, as someone who engaged in business you must apply the law of demand and supply, the smallest part of the economy it is a family, and you satisfied there needs.

2. Business Fortune Teller

Be a Business Fortune Teller or Forecaster with studying the previous data of sales, to determine your new annum sale this coming year.

3. Business Process Thinker

according to Patrik Dholakya(2016) from Small Business Trend, “Entrepreneurship doesn’t earn you bragging rights. Nothing ever does. The more you tend to give away in a sales process or while making deals, the more you stand to lose.” As the business entrepreneur, you must always think out of a box, try to check business before you implement, just like Streamlining easy to plan but it is hard to implement, In business, you must always consider other things.

Inspired via 9 Principles of Entrepreneur at Small Business Trend

4. Responsible

As Business Entrepreneur you are responsible for the business situation.

5. Marketer

As a business entrepreneur, you must always build a relationship between you and your customer. I already explain about marketing and marketer kindly read more at What is Marketing? and the 5 Marketing Mix.

Inspired Via 10 principles of entrepreneurship at The Total Entrepreneurs

6. Risk Taker

As a business entrepreneur, you must be a risk taker, there is no kind business who didn’t take and as Entrepreneur or CEO, you must be responsible or accountable for risk.

7. Problem Solver

As an entrepreneur you look for a solution to solve the problem, the more problem you solve is the more profit you generated.

8. Goal Setter

according to Akash“Dream big when u sleep and make sure your life is more bigger than that in real, Dream high and achieve it so that you can be proud of yourself”. as the business entrepreneur you must always dream big, small company that will deliver to his customer will big result, other things an entrepreneur you must be a goal setter always create a goal related with your business activities.

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The Product Life Cycle

The Product Life Cycle is a cycle important in marketing management, if you are a marketing analysis, the market I’m assured that you are familiar with via product lifecycle.

I decide to published and discussed The Product Life Cycle to people involve in business but they aren’t familiar with Product Life Cycle

Our objectives are to help small business people to discuss the product lifecycle.

1. Introduction

Introduction part of product lifecycle when the company introduced a new product to the market, life, for example, you own a coffee shop you introduced your new gigs or let’s say you discover a new coffee and you decided to sell it with a unique taste or lets you own a car wash shop and you own a machine that is helpful to clean fast a car.

2. Growth

The growth it is when you’re newly introduced product will increase demand and sales, like for example, you started selling a new flavor in your coffee shop the demand will increase and a no. of people visited your coffee shop will buy a new coffee flavor that can lead to increase your sales rapidly.

3. Maturity

The Maturity stage when you’re product is out of trend or the level of competition in a market is increasing it will affect your sales, other coffee shops your competitor copied your new flavor they also sell it on there coffee shops that can lead to decrease your sales, other explanation Milk Tea is from East Asia country, someone from the Philippines visit HongKong for business purpose to look for new product that they can sell in the Philippines, they buy company name, menu, and procedure of how to create a delicious milk tea, and they started to sell it on the Philippines Market, Pilipino love milk tea and someone found out that it can be a business on there own and it leads to increase the no. of competitor that may lead Milk Tea Product into maturity.

4. Decline

The Decline stage it’s when your product is out in the market, your coffee shop newly flavor that increases your sales leads to decline because no one buys this new coffee newly flavor it because it decreases sales and customer can buy it anywhere.

Tip: always do product design or research

Learn more: Product Life Cycle

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The Very Deep Understanding of Business

The objectives: The readers will discuss and illustrate the word of business.

Business Dictionary defined business as an organization or an economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. moreover business is a profit organization, where products are being exchanged for money.

Investors words defined Business as a commercial activity engaged as a means of livelihood or profit or an entity which engages in such activities, therefore business it’s a type of customer or commercial activity engaged to earn profit include with the product, services, etc.

William Pride, Robert Hughes, and Jack Kapoor explained business as ‘the organized effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, the goods, and services that satisfy society’s needs.’ A business, then, is an organization which seeks to make a profit through individuals working toward common goals. The goals of the business will vary based on the type of business and the business strategy being used. Regardless of the preferred strategy, businesses must provide a service, product, or good that meets a need of society in some way. retrieved from, therefore there is two type primary of business it is either profit organization or nonprofit organization.

Primary Type of Business

Profit Organization- An organization or company their main goal is to earn a profit.

Non-Profit Organization- A nonprofit organization their main goal is different and not to earn profit most of the nonprofit organization their goal is to give services to the individual.

Business and Customers

Many business professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs defined business is to satisfy the needs and want of customers or individual. moreover, customer satisfy the business by payment in return to pay for all business needs such as Utilities expenses( monthly bill), Marketing expenses, Taxes, Salary Expenses and profit distribution to business owners, a business without customers the result is bankruptcy.

Business and Community

AM Business Owner Arnie Mariano(2018) identified business to satisfy the needs of communities such as economy, individual, and government, therefore business satisfy the economy, individual and government as business will create job opportunities for people in community and business will create that will satisfy economy for economic growth, as business satisfy the government thru taxes and etc. moreover community and economy satisfy the needs of business thru customers and the possible growth in economy is the increase of migration demand outside the community as Government grant help to business currently need help.


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