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Things that I learned from Ms. Hershey Hilado

“The Life of Ms. Hershey Hilado”


Things that I learn from Ms. Hershey Hilado from her story itself when it is being filmed in MMK from ABS CBN.

About Ms. Hershey Hilado

Ms. Hershey Hilado she is one of the leading amazing women entrepreneur and business mentor Australia – the Philippines, She founded Revamp, She is one of the youngest and only female speaker at the 1st Philippines Business Enterprise Congress and Financial Congress of the Philippines. MS. Hershey Hilado trademark is “out of the box”.  Hershey specialties range from personal development, start-ups, business strategy, branding, personal development, marketing and PR Sales.


Things that I learned from Ms. Hershey Hilado.

Be Competent  

Being competent in life not just in Business like Ms. Hershey she experiences a lot of problem in her life before she chooses to be an entrepreneur. at her young age, she worked as Sales Woman in the Philippines but the problem is the legal age for you to have a job it is 18 yrs. old unlike in another country at age 15 you can work, She fake her age to have a job to support her siblings.



Find someone who can inspire you just like Ms. Hershey Hilado, before she chooses her entrepreneurship life, she is being inspired by her Siblings itself and in a way that she wants to change her life. I can tell you based on her story Ms. Hershey Hilado she really loved her Siblings and she is willing to sacrifice herself to her siblings, just like when she worked in Manila.


Never Give Up

Always never give up and look for another hope, moreover after a lot problem in the Philippines she finds a new hope and a new life on a Dating Site after while she meets her Australian ex-husband, Her Australian ex-husband really falls in love with Ms. Hershey Hilado.


Discrimination will Inspire you

Discriminations will inspire you along the way Ms. Hershey Hilado experiences a discrimination in Australia as a Filipina Woman who married an Australian guy to change her life, to be a dependent one, moreover with this discrimination she changes her way and chooses to do something, I can see to her spirit to change herself.


Read Entrepreneur Books

Read Entrepreneurial Books will be motivated you to do something, just like Ms. Hershey Hilado I think when she read entrepreneur books, she chooses to be an entrepreneur along the way she studies again and ask her Australian ex-husband to established a Clothing or Fashion Business.


Always Stand

Always stand in life by wrecking ball tons of problems that tried to destroy your wall, She experiences a lot a problem in Australia and in her clothing business, she experiences lack of sales or seasonal sales that can drive to bankruptcy, along with that she experiences a personal problem with her Australian ex-husband.


Always find another way

Always find another way after a lot of problems, Ms. Hershey tried to build her empire again and tried to make it happen. Moreover, she worked in Marketing Firm and decided to market her product on Instagram, along with that she succeeds.






19 years old entrepreneur from Philippines

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