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8 Principles of Entrepreneurs

1. Be an Economist

As a business entrepreneur, you must be engaged in new business and technology that will establish your success, as someone who engaged in business you must apply the law of demand and supply, the smallest part of the economy it is a family, and you satisfied there needs.

2. Business Fortune Teller

Be a Business Fortune Teller or Forecaster with studying the previous data of sales, to determine your new annum sale this coming year.

3. Business Process Thinker

according to Patrik Dholakya(2016) from Small Business Trend, “Entrepreneurship doesn’t earn you bragging rights. Nothing ever does. The more you tend to give away in a sales process or while making deals, the more you stand to lose.” As the business entrepreneur, you must always think out of a box, try to check business before you implement, just like Streamlining easy to plan but it is hard to implement, In business, you must always consider other things.

Inspired via 9 Principles of Entrepreneur at Small Business Trend

4. Responsible

As Business Entrepreneur you are responsible for the business situation.

5. Marketer

As a business entrepreneur, you must always build a relationship between you and your customer. I already explain about marketing and marketer kindly read more at What is Marketing? and the 5 Marketing Mix.

Inspired Via 10 principles of entrepreneurship at The Total Entrepreneurs

6. Risk Taker

As a business entrepreneur, you must be a risk taker, there is no kind business who didn’t take and as Entrepreneur or CEO, you must be responsible or accountable for risk.

7. Problem Solver

As an entrepreneur you look for a solution to solve the problem, the more problem you solve is the more profit you generated.

8. Goal Setter

according to Akash“Dream big when u sleep and make sure your life is more bigger than that in real, Dream high and achieve it so that you can be proud of yourself”. as the business entrepreneur you must always dream big, small company that will deliver to his customer will big result, other things an entrepreneur you must be a goal setter always create a goal related with your business activities.


19 years old entrepreneur from Philippines

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